Recruitment Details


Recruitment, Selection and Interview

There are a number of procedures that ACL Care Homes follow which include:

  • Interviews will be initially conducted by one of the Senior Management Staff.
  • No member of staff will be employed without relevant experience in the human services field.
  • A second interview is conducted by a team selection of various members of staff, all holding a senior position.
  • This will include a three hour working induction to enable being able to assess the prospective employee in their own particular field.
  • They will work supervised by a senior member of staff for the first 3 consecutive shifts.
  • Due consideration to our Equal Opportunities Policy and the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 is given.
  • New members of staff are taken on for a three-month period initially.

Throughout this time they are gently impressed into our house training and Induction Manual and if prove to be satisfactory at the end of that period a full contract of employment will be issued.


All potential employees are screened through and with regard to the Commission for Social Care Standards and the Protection of Vulnerable Adults Register.


Up to date detailed records of all staff are maintained as required by the Registration Authorities.


Our experience shows that volunteers keen, experienced and enthusiastic as they may, be tend to be a disruptive influence and are not conducive to the needs of clients.


The working directors are a husband and wife team.

Mrs Noreen Ing, Director, has the following qualifications: a Master of Arts Degree in The Management of Community Care, Higher National Diploma in Social Care, Certificate in Community Mental Health Care and C.I.E.H. Professional Trainer.

The daily running of the Homes is maintained by two experienced Registered Managers, both with The Registered Managers Award, NVQ 4 in Social Care and Foundation Management qualifications.

An Assistant Manager, also qualified with the Registered Managers Award completes the loyal hard working highly qualified and experienced team that support the Registered Managers.

Registered Responsible Person and Director, Mr Michael Ing, Registered Managers Award, is very closely involved with the daily programme of activities and staff training and includes amongst these a specially devised Fire Training Programme. Some of his qualifications include an Instructor Training Course, Accident Management Certificate, Oxygen Administration Certificate, Registered Number – 4906, First Aid and Basic Food Hygiene.