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A trip to The Pilot
May 13, 2018
Residents of ACL Care Homes geared up to visit their best-loved chip shop in Dungeness.  At The Pilot, residents had the English favourite – fish and chip.  For desert, some had ice cream whilst other had apple crumble and cream  After a sumptuous meal, they had a nice walk at the
Sunlight and Mental Health
May 13, 2018
Did you know that sunlight can help battle depression?  Sunlight that goes through our eyes triggers the brain to release a hormone called serotonin.  Serotonin is a hormone thought to be responsible for mood boosting, and helping a person feel calm and focus. ACL encourages its residents to go out
Is summer here?
May 13, 2018
Summer comes early to Camelot Lodge.  As the heatwave scorched the Southeast, Camelot residents enjoyed their their first BBQ for 2018.  When is next, master chef?     
Al Fresco Dining at Arthur Court
May 13, 2018
Hear ye, hear ye! The sun is out and everybody thought of BBQ, Al Fresco! 🙂  BBQ Master Jack kicked off the grilling season with freshly made barbecues.   Residents of Arthur Court enjoyed a selection of burgers, bangers, meats and salads served with cold drinks and lemonade.  Are you ready for
Christmas and New Year festivities at ACL Care Homes
Mar 20, 2017
The Christmas and new year festivities starts at the beginning of December with the December activity planner that has planned daily activities such as arts and crafts, karaoke, film afternoons, board games and bingo, all taking on a festive theme.