Complaints Procedure

     It is our stated and written Policy to have and operate a properly defined and operational Complaints Procedure, effective and in place at all times. We consider this to be vitally important to maintain our image of “good customer care.”

    Initially, any member of staff who receives a complaint from a client or any person purporting to act on his/her behalf, made either verbally or in writing or by telephone, will without delay report the matter to any Senior member of staff who may be on the premises at the time, or a key worker, who will enter the complaint into the Complaints Book, noting the date and time of the alleged complaint and identifying the initiator. Thereafter, the matter will be dealt with in the manner set out in the formal Complaints Procedure, a copy of which is given to each client and is exhibited in the Home:

    It is the aims of the Home that our services are delivered in a caring, efficient, effective and professional manner. It is in the interest of the Home to respond to any complaint quickly. The length of time it takes to resolve a complaint may vary depending on the nature or type of complaint. If the Duty Manager can deal with the complaint, it should be resolved within that working shift or by the end of the next working administration day. If the Duty Manager cannot satisfactorily resolve the complaint, written confirmation from the Duty Manager within 48 hours will confirm that the complaint has been received and is being investigated.

    An answer should be received within 21 working days. If the complaint has not been resolved within 21 days, a written explanation will be issued advising what stage the investigation has reached and an estimated time for a satisfactory conclusion. If the complaint has a criminal implication or could be a danger to health, it will be dealt with immediately and referred to the appropriate services. i.e. Police, KCC Social Services, CQC.