ACL Homes offers Residential and Supported Housing Units in Folkestone, a port town on the English Channel, in Kent, South East England.  We provide a wide range of services in a supportive and empowering environment. We offer individuals the opportunity to enhance their life skills and build emotional strength to lead an active life back in their own community.

     Our person-centred care and support plans encourage individuals to choose areas of interest that will promote positive mental health and an all round feeling of well being. Wherever possible, social and community integration is promoted – our team works pro-actively, supporting access to local leisure and recreational facilities, local or regional events and further education courses. ACL focuses on goal setting and promotes outcomes-based rehabilitation scheme.

    While we are able to accommodate people with a wide range of mental health illnesses, we have particular expertise in supporting individuals with a forensic background. We believed that people with a more complex history have not always had a chance to have their voices heard or received really high quality of person centred support. Often they have not had the opportunity for many years to live in the community. Meeting the mental health needs of adults and young people in the criminal justice system is high on the Government agenda.  ACL Homes supports this and provides care and support to offenders in accordance to the country’s criminal justice system.